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About Shadoe

With an extensive background in radio, starting in music (mainly rock) and later moving to news/talk with the "Shadoe Davis Show." Feeling restricted in talk radio, I created "Shadoe at Nite" in 2020 to delve into prevailing narratives, notably around COVID. The show transformed from a variety format to a deep exploration, attracting a diverse audience through themed nights and a supportive community, standing out for its live interaction.

What is your professional background?

Many years in radio. What kind of radio did you do? I did music radio, mostly rock. In the last few years, I moved to news/talk and hosted a morning show, the "Shadoe Davis Show."

Sounds like a difficult transition? Yeah, at the time, I had concerns about my ability to adapt. In rock radio, verbal communication is minimal. I had nightmares about filling the time required for talk radio. Turns out I was worried for nothing.

When and why did you start doing your current show? The short version? I was done with radio. It was the beginning of 2018, and I just knew I’d reached the end. It was sad for me because I loved doing it since I was a kid... like 10 or something, but the time had come.

Why? A combination of things. I was bored and suppressed. I wanted to be able to say what I really wanted to say and couldn’t. I thought maybe moving into talk radio would help me get to that goal, but it was worse than rock. There were certain things you absolutely couldn’t talk about, and other things you could only talk about in a certain way. At least in rock, you could say the thing, you’d have to make it funny or cute or sarcastic, but at least you could say it.

Listeners wouldn’t really notice because it’d happen so fast, but you’d say it. Lots of BS behind the scenes too.

Example? Okay, so I’m sitting in my boss’s office at the talk station after my show one morning, and we’re arguing about content as usual. He didn’t like something I said that morning in regards to the provincial government, high taxes or whatever.... so we’re going back and forth and he finally said, “Shadoe these right-wing views of yours.....” ... I said “Excuse me?!” Right then somebody knocked on the door and interrupted so I never got the rest of what he said. I asked him the next week what he meant by the “right-wing views” comment and he denied ever saying it. “I’d never say anything like that, you must be hearing things.” Total gaslighting right? That one moment led to a cascade of crap like I’d never been through before. That’s when I knew I had to get out.

Why not another station? Because they’re all like that. Some are slightly worse or better, but it’s all the same BS. Not to say there weren’t some great people and great times, there were, but the bad stuff did a number on my nervous system, man. On the bright side, it made me a lot stronger as a person. Maybe it was God getting me ready for this show, I don’t know.

I heard you had a reputation for being difficult in that business. True? Yes! Hahaha. I was always the guy to call out the BS and ask the difficult questions. Managers hate that, they just want you to go along with “the plan” and shut up, but the thing is, most times the plan doesn’t make sense. To be fair to the managers, they take their marching orders from head office and down the line, so it’s not their fault. The thing is somebody has to question nonsense in order to improve things... or at least make it make sense.

Which brings us to your current show. Nice. I see what you did there. So the idea of the current show “Shadoe at Nite” is to try to make everything make sense, and that takes us down a lot of paths that many people don't want to go. Since the beginning of the COVID “response,” my eyes have really been opened up to the BS.... I mean how can you miss it, right?

Were your eyes always open, or did that happen recently? I’ve always been naturally curious and asked a lot of questions, so I’ve always known on some level that things were being manipulated but never really took the time to stop and think about how much and by who. I started the show in November of 2020 thinking it would be a kind of variety show, a little something for everybody, but it didn’t take very long for me to start seriously questioning the narrative.

From a variety show to what it is now is a huge step. How did you get there? Right... so a friend of mine called me one day and said, “Can you believe this sh*t?” I laughed and said “Yeah, it seems to be getting way worse with this supposed vaccine they’re coming out with.” “You’re not gonna take it?” she said.

“No way.” Then she said some other things that sent me reeling. Was it really a global cabal behind this the whole thing? Then some other things about Freemasonry and how this has been going on for years. Then she sent me some videos that knocked me on my ass. It was then I had my “Doctor Strange” moment.

What? In the movie “Dr. Strange” when the Ancient One pushes Strange out of his body and forces him to “open his eye,” he goes flying through some other dimension. So there were things I already knew and many things I didn’t, and watching those videos sent me reeling like Dr. Strange. Since then I've had many others tell me what their Dr. Strange moment was.

Was that when you changed the direction of the show? Well, kinda yeah. I didn't go hard all at once, it happened in stages. It’s still happening in stages.

Why? Because there are still so many asleep, I mean you can’t just take them from zero to 60 in a heartbeat. You need to reel them in and make them comfortable before hitting them over the head.

You have thousands of viewers, how is it possible to come up with content that appeals to them all? You can’t in a single show, it’s more of a body of work kinda thing. I set up themes for each night’s show, and people know right at the beginning what they’re gonna get. There are times when I go much deeper and times when I keep it to lighter stuff. The common denominator each night is my presentation and connection with the audience and the audience themselves. They have created such a healthy, vibrant and welcoming community in the chat section of every platform the show is on, and that makes it attractive for new people to come in and feel at home. Let’s remember that many people have been estranged from their friends and family for years now because of their personal beliefs, and so when they come to watch the show, they get to interact with people who generally have the same belief system they have. An actual community has been formed and it continues to grow. Also, remember the show is live when most others like it are not. I think that makes a huge difference.

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